Our Mission

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With the purchase of any Shivy's Indian Kitchen product, you will donate a hot and nutritious meal to a homeless and underprivileged child in India through Wishes & Blessings. Thank you for your contribution!

Get To Know Chef Shivy

Chef Shivy

Shiv Trivedi (Chef Shivy) has been working in the food industry as a Restaurateur, Private Chef and food consultant for over 10 years. His passion for food as well as presentation are exhibited in each item that Shivy’s Indian Kitchen has to offer.

Chef Shivy has influenced several menus with his experience working with South Asian, European and American cuisines. He dedicates spending much of his free time traveling in search of popular delicacies and flavours from around the world!

Shivy's Indian Kitchen boasts authentic techniques with a fusion of multicultural experiences. By respecting the food’s origin along with our ambition to ignite your taste buds, we deliver an exquisite dining experience that you can bring home to your family!